Laboratory & Lab Location

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Laboratory Facilities: Davis Millimeter Wave Research Center

On-wafer vector measurements to 325 GHz
Wafer measurements
Wafer measurements setup
Performance Spectrum Analyzer (to 325 GHz) with noise and phase noise measurement capabilities
Lab Devices: Microwave Microsystems Laboratory
Maker Model Range of Operation
Agilent Performace Spectrum Analyzer 3Hz-26.5 GHz
Agilent Vector Signal Analyzer 89441A     DC-26.5 GHz
Agilent Infiniium Oscilloscope 5486B     DC-26.5 GHz
Agilent Performace Network  Analyzer     10MHz-67GHz
Maury Microwave Corp.    MT 986B02 Tunner Controller      
Agilent System DC Power Supply 634B     0 – 100 Volts, 0-1 Amp
Agilent 6 and 1/2 digital Volmeter 3440      
Agilent EPM-P Series Power Meter E4417A    
HP 436A Power Meter      
DEI PDG-2510 Digital Delay/Pulse Generator      
Agilent E3631A Triple Output DC Power Supply      
Agilent E8408A VXI Mainframe  
Agilent E3610A DC Power Supply     
Agilent E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator     250 kHz- 6GHz
Agilent E8267C PSG Vector Signal Generator     250 kHz- 6GHz